Friday, September 4, 2009


We had a wonderful weekend at Tan-Tar-A with 43 families who have all adopted from Guatemala.
The major highlight from our weekend besides seeing old friends and making new friends was that Elaina and I got to meet the family that had the same Foster Mother as us and we got to visit via webcam with Alyeda our Foster Mother in Guatemala. She cried tears of joy when she saw her Princessita and the Dunbars children. We got to see her whole family and we visited for a long time. We can't THANK Susan enough for translating for us and setting it all up. We plan to do it more often to stay in touch.
Elaina and Mommy pose by the bear in the restaurant in our MOGUATE shirts that Mommy designed.

Oops-forgot to flip pic.
Susan and I took the girls bowling for the first time. Elaina makes the cutest scorekeeper. Group shot of most of our Guatemalan Blessings!!!
Elaina steps up to the line!!!
Mommy and Elaina by the waterfall!!

I am holding Elaina-she did not go down the slide by herself-you just can't see me.

Playing with Evy and new friend A!!!
Can't wait for next year!!!!

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