Friday, September 4, 2009


Elaina was so excited for her first day of Pre-School.

She is always asking for both bacon and sausage and she can only have one or the other so today I let her have one bacon and one sausage along with her eggs and grapes. She ate ALL of it.

Elaina LOVES blue and I found this adorable plaid jumper that has blue flowers on it. Everyone thinks it is her school uniform. It sure does look like what Mommy had to wear going to Catolic School.
Showing off her pre-school bag that she helped me decorate with Ariel and hearts.

Elaina got to be the first SPECIAL HELPER and bring snack. Here she is standing by her classroom door holding her sncak of cinnamon bread and drinkable yogurt.
Elaina hugs her Teacher Ms. Mary!!

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Gardenia said...

hi. nice to meet you. just found your blog. your daughter is a cutie. yes, that dress does look like my grade school uniform too, but it is sweet! your daughter is a cutie.