Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Party Time

We celebrated Elaina's Birthday this weekend. Her Birthday is December 28th but it is nice to have a couple of weeks in between Christmas and her Birthday. I had a Fit-Tastics Party for her. My friend Stephanie does Fit-Tastics at Pre-schools, Parents as Teachers events and Birthday Parties. It is a combination of music, movement, tumbling and dance. She brought ALL of her equipment and the kiddos really had a wonderful time.

Here is Elaina walking across the balance beam with cousin Kierstin looking on!!

Action shot of her blowing out her candles!!! (great picture Aunt Ali!!)

Check out those smiles!!! Cousins Elaina and Laura give each other a BIG HUG!!

Elaina doing a flipover the bridge-Evvy says I'm next!!

Elaina poses with all of her wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate Elaina's 3rd Birthday!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here is a cute video of Elaina singing "I am Special"-it is her own version-I have never heard her sing it quite like this before. My sweet angel just amazes me sometimes!!!

Elaina's Grandpa passed away long before she was born but she knows who he is and loves him very much. We have his picture on an angel ornament on out tree and usually when I ask her where he is she says: My Grandpa is in heaven or lately she has ben saying that he is in our hearts. It is so precious!!!

Sorry it is sideways-note to self do not turn the camera to videotape:)!!!