Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mo-Guate at Tan-Tar-A

Elaina and Evvy eating lunch
Mommy and Elaina on the Ozark Princess
Rock hunter
What a cutie!!!
6 Beautiful Guate-TotsA couple of weeks ago Elaina and I joined 26 other families with beautiful children all adopted from Guatemala. We had a fun and relaxing weekend. I didn't take enough pics but a lot of other people did. You can go to:
to view our group photo and other videos. It was so fun to finally meet these familie who we have known through the adoption boards.

WOW!! Long time no blog!!!

Hi -I have not been the best a updating this blog. Elaina has really taken off on her swimming and I really need to get her back into swim lessons. She is swimming by herself. It is absolutely amazing. I will try to post a video of her from earlier this summer-she is wearing her suit with the built-in life vest in the video. We are beyond that now but here goes.


Elaina loves to go to Hy-Vee to shope because they have the really small grocery carts, a horse to ride on (its free!! Yeah!!) and a playhose.

So shopping pic is above-I need major blog help!!LOL!!!!